GSCC for high-availability IBM SPECTRUM PROTECT™ (formerly TSM) environments

The General Storage Cluster Controller (GSCC) is a well-established high-availability solution developed specifically for the IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Server.

GSCC is especially effective when combined with Isilon storage because using DB2’s HADR option enables the construction of maximumavailability TSM server environments, without requiring SAN storage or mirroring of TSM databases. Instead of a conventional server cluster, GSCC is an application cluster which is tailored specifically to the requirements of TSM servers.
As a result of its application-based nature, it not only monitors and circumvents hardware failures, but also functional errors and logical application problems.
GSCC handles individual TSM server instances as independent objects in their runtime environment on any server in a cluster. If a problem occurs, GSCC initially begins with local fault correction. If the error cannot be corrected locally, the virtualized TSM server fails over to another system. All necessary operating components – TSM database instance, IP addresses, and SAN connections etc. – are also transferred, making the process fully transparent for TSM.

Benefits of GSCC in TSM environments

  • High availability of individual TSM instances based on General Storage Cluster Controller (GSCC) and IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Server
  • Application-based cluster, specifically engineered for TSM
  • Monitoring of hardware failures and logical application problems
  • Handles individual TSM server instances as independent objects in a virtualized runtime environment on any server in a cluster
  • Transparent transfer of all relevant operating components, such as TSM database, IP addresses, and NAS and SAN connections
  • Supports DB2 HADR for building maximum-availability TSM server environments with IP-based clustering and mirroring
  • Enables deployment of lean TSM servers which can be equipped with inexpensive, internal flash memory for extremely demanding TSM databases without sacrificing reliability and disaster tolerance
  • Optional use of Isilon technology as TSM storage pools
  • Dramatic increase in scalability and flexibility through GSCC, dsmISI, flash memory, and Isilon/OneFS

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